Monday, September 22, 2008

Say what… “COUPURE DE COURANT”: 9/21/08 9:21:14 PM GMT

Well, right now I am experiencing a coupure de courant, or power cut. It is not the first, nor will it be the last, but it has given me time to compose a short blog entry (which will be posted later this week, probably tomorrow). You are all probably thinking, okay so he is writing a blog entry in the dark, without power…everyone does that, everyone has the ability to see in the pitch black. Well, to answer your question (if you were thinking that), I have 70% battery power on my Mac; therefore, I am able to do so.

It was an extremely hot weekend in Dakar! Today (which will be yesterday when this is posted) and yesterday (which will be the day before yesterday when this is posted) I went to a beach in my neighborhood; it is about a 5-6 minute walk. The area the beach is in is absolutely gorgeous; the houses look like they should be on Sunset Boulevard or somewhere in Orange County. They are very plantation/colonial-like, with terra cotta shingles and plantation shutters. They are all gated (but again so is my house) and the landscaping is immaculate. I even saw a Hummer H3 drive down the street as I was walking back home! I think this ocean front property is about 3 million CFA for land…or about 1.5 million USD. Is it worth it?

When I signed up for this program, I never thought that I would be spending my weekends at the beach eating fresh mangos…I mean I really do miss studying in the science library and spending time in the Office of Admissions on Saturday mornings with my favorite people (you all know who you are)! But, back to the more important things… this beach is absolutely amazing…beautiful sand; clean, clear, blue water; and great waves to jump and ride. Someday, for those of you not able to access my infamous Facebook, will see pictures of all these places I am talking about in this blog. The only weird thing about this beach and all the beaches in Dakar is that the male-female ration is about 100:5. Why? I don’t know…and the five females that are at the beach have to go into the water with a male, so they won’t drown… J At the beach I played soccer with some locals and swam for a couple of hours. I will definitely be able to make this a part of my daily/weekly routine. However, the best part is going to be when I get back to the states… I will have a wonderful tan that I will have been working on for four months!

Now, the flip side of things…I have six hours of class tomorrow (and every day until I get back to the states).

Signing off because my first class is at 8:30am…ALEX

P.S. I had to scale a nine-foot wall Friday night because I couldn’t get into my house via the door. It is a really funny story….one that deserves its very own blog entry.

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